From entry level to VP level, organizations lose about 40% of their female talent. Do you recognize this in your organization?

Learn how to develop and retain women by preparing them for challenging transitions into leadership roles.

60% of companies report they are facing a leadership crisis. Do you have enough talent to fill your leadership bench?

Learn how we can collaborate to grow your talent pool.

Organizations spend 25% of their training budgets on leadership development. How do you insure your ROI?

Discover how to reduce transition time from an average of 21 months to as low as 12 months.

We deliver innovative and impactful solutions to increase the percentage of female leaders.

Discover how a customized training approach combined with a state of the art Women’s Transition Barriers Assessment can prepare both the woman and the organization for successful career transitions.


We are leadership development specialists who facilitate dynamic, research based training and coaching to diverse talent.


Organizations have an excellent opportunity to develop and retain women by preparing them for challenging transitions into leadership roles. Our programs focus on four critical transition points where organizations can pro-actively boost their female leadership pipeline:

-Early Career: Fast track women into leadership roles.

-Mid Career: Retain women transitioning from mid to senior management.

-Late Career: Re-engage women back into the leadership track.

-International Career: Expedite assimilation into the new environment.

A state of the art Women’s Transition Barriers Assessment (WTBA) is incorporated into all programs.

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Developing women leaders and international leaders has become a business imperative. We offer world-class, dynamic workshops, customized to develop and retain diverse talent for lasting results.

Some of our topics include:

  • Change Your World by Changing Your Words.
  • The Office Diplomat.
  • Your Debut: 90 Days to Make a Powerful First Impression.
  • For The Leadership Team: How to Keep Women in the Leadership Pipeline. The Whole Story.
  • The cultural connoisseur: improving effectiveness among diverse teams.

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Transitions into new roles or projects are an expected part of your career. In fact, transitions are the moments where the opportunity to learn and the risk of failure are the greatest.

Professional coaching brings fresh perspectives, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence to successfully manage transitions resulting in a positive impact on long term success.

We offer:

  • Individual & Group Coaching
  • Career Transition Management
  • Expatriation Transition Management
  • On-demand tailored support

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About Us

Leverage HR offers years of experience in talent development, specifically training, facilitation, coaching, and cross-cultural preparedness.  Our training programs and coaching have proven to increase the percentage of women leaders and decrease ramp up time.  Clients include large global organizations such as Thyssen Krupp and DP DHL; universities such as The Ohio State University and Cologne Business School; and individual women from organizations such as Baxter, GE, and Proctor&Gamble.  The firm offers services in English, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

Regardless of client, geography, or language, we are a values-driven organization, where we always:

  • collaborate with our clients to identify the appropriate solution
  • commit to deliver the highest quality services, on time and with a personal touch
  • bring our passion and expertise to deliver solutions that make impactful change
  • To see us in action visit us on our YouTube channel LeverageHR

Worldly Women

Caroline Kersten and Sapna Welsh, as firm partners, recently co-authored “Worldly Women – The New Leadership Profile”, and share their in-depth knowledge of professional women in the global workforce in both speaking engagements and leading industry journals. Worldly Women was well received in the global community and was endorsed by CEO’s and EU leaders alike.

At this crucial period, when our workforce is becoming more global and there is an ever greater demand for more women in leadership roles, Worldly Women offers ground breaking information about global leadership behavior that is shared among female expatriate leaders. Developing and reinforcing these behaviors in your professional (and personal) life will give you an edge to success in your expatriate assignment by:

  • Achieving peak performance,
  • Accelerating assimilation into your new environment,
  • Facilitating a smoother transition.

Combining many tools and exercises with the expert advice of WiSER (Women in Senior-level Expatriate Roles), Worldly Women shows any woman who has ever considered working abroad how to expatriate successfully and achieve excellence.

getabstract-stickerIn 2014, Worldly Women was selected as a featured book by Get Abstracts, a renowned organization specializing in getting current knowledge to business leaders around the world through book summaries.


The Team


Caroline Kersten

Caroline combines experience as a business strategy consultant with HR operational and consulting skills. She has over 10 years of experience in the areas of HR strategy, change management, personal development, (team) coaching, competency management and performance management. In 2011 she joined Leverage HR as Partner. Before that, she worked for both profit and non-profit organizations in different nations, including Coopers & Lybrand, KPMG, De Lage Landen, Dutch Ministry of Justice, and technology start-up Civolution. Caroline has lived and worked in the Netherlands, France, and Belgium. She is fluent in Dutch, English, German and French. Caroline supports the development of young female talent as part-time teacher and guest lecturer at different Universities in Germany.

Caroline holds a Masters degree in European Studies and a Masters Degree in Dutch Law from the University of Amsterdam, as well as an LL.M. in European Law from the College of Europe Bruges. She is committed to her family, community and profession. She is actively involved with PWN, 3+International, and has held various advisory roles at the Bonn International School. Caroline, her husband and two daughters currently reside in Germany.

Leverage HR - Sapna Welsh

Sapna Welsh

Sapna has nearly twenty years of experience delivering talent development solutions to impact business results. She has worked to impact individual’s performance and professional success through professional coaching, training, mentoring, skills assessment, and performance management. She is the founding Partner of Leverage HR, LLC. Before that, she worked for: JP Morgan Chase, Nationwide Financial, Deloitte, and technology start-up e-Bank. She has consulted in various sectors including: manufacturing, logistics, non-profit, and higher education.

Sapna holds a Masters degree in Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University, a BBA in International Business from The George Washington University, and licensure as a Professional in Human Resources and Registered Corporate Coach.  She is committed to her family, community, and profession. She previously served as an HR adjunct faculty member at Franklin University and served on the Human Resources curriculum advisory board. She is involved with ATD, WELD OH, and Columbus Council for World Affairs. Sapna, her husband and three children currently reside in Ohio.

Bastian Broer

Bastian is an expert in cross-cultural training and team building and works with organizations to facilitate intercultural cooperation between work teams in Germany, US, Japan, China and Israel. Well versed in multiple cultures and languages, Bastian serves as an advisor to many global organizations to increase productivity and efficiency among cross-cultural teams. He also has a strong reputation in pre-departure expatriate training. He has worked for IFIM (Institute for Intercultural Management) and Fuji Bank, among others. Bastian is Leverage HR’s cross-cultural expert.

Begonia Vazquez Merayo

Begonia is a true cosmopolitan. With over 20 years working experience in global leading organizations in different countries and continents, she is an expert in strategic and operational brand management, development of global growth strategies and management of intercultural teams. She strengthens the innovation and competitiveness of German organizations by recruiting and integrating international talent. Born in Spain she holds her studies in International Business Administration in Spain and in France. Begonia is Leverage HR’s Consultant, Coach and Trainer, located in Munich, Germany.

Maita Ereneta

Maita was part of the Human Resources team of the United Nations Population Fund. She holds her Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She is part of a multi-cultural family and has enjoyed living in various countries over the years. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines with pursuant moves to the USA, Austria, Germany and now Lebanon. In addition to her professional experience, Maita is an active member of the international community and has organized numerous events and charities. Maita is Leverage HR’s coach and trainer in the Middle East.

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Dialogin Conference 2014

Career Advice

Top Reasons to Work With Us

Participants are better prepared and more likely to stay with your organization and move up the ranks.

Our programs protect organizational talent development investments by:

  • reducing transition time from an average of 21 months to as low as 12 months.
  • reducing the risk of poor transition and the associated ripple effect.

Participants develop skills to drive results in international work teams.

We offer affordable services to augment existing development programs and encourage high participation.


Caroline’s session was really thought provoking and made very relevant to our careers.

—Fleur Newman, UNFCCC Gender Focal Point

A core competency of the leaders of tomorrow is deep global experience. Worldly Women is a groundbreaking book focused on how women approach this challenge and opportunity. I recommend this book for all women (and men too) seeking to chart their global leadership path.

—Mike Dulworth, President & CEO, Executive Networks, Inc. and author of the Connect Effect

Sapna brought awareness to the inequities that continue to exist between men and women and offered specific strategies for organizations to actively diminish those unfair standards.

—Josefino Rivera, TEDx event Chief Organizer

The cross-cultural seminar was an excellent preparation for my job in the US and for our start as a family.

—Ben Holstein, Manager Plant Engineering, Voith Hydro, Inc.