Leadership Development

Leadership development is always a “custom job” because every organization is starting from a different point, has their unique culture, and desires specific outcomes they want to achieve. We partner with our clients to define what success looks like in the future. Then we build and deliver highly engaging customized solutions that grow knowledge (head), capability (hand) and commitment (heart) to be better leaders when they get back on the job.

Our experienced team has robust experience developing and facilitating programs that drive real change at the individual and organizational level.  We are certified in a wide variety of assessments and tools to enhance the development experience.  We have delivered in many regions and languages across small to large organizations in both the private and public sector.

Words from our clients

“Pleasantly surprised every step of the way and recommend Leverage HR to any organization looking for a fresh way to encourage and grow their teams.”   

Heather, HRM – Public Sector

“The program facilitated by Sapna and her team was one of the best I have received in my 10 years with the firm. I was able to immediately apply the skills I learned in supporting my engagement team and executing client deliverables.”

Barbara, Sr. Manager, Professional Services Sector

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