Leadership Development

We train and develop diverse talent from front line to executive level leaders.  Our team has facilitated across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and APAC. Our global network allows us to deliver in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese.

We offer both custom programs and a catalogue of bespoke programs to develop leaders for the 21st century. We will partner with you every step of the way to ensure the program is custom fit for your needs and your organization. Your program will be enriched by our deep expertise and research of what leaders must do to succeed in today’s complex and fast paced environment.  

  • Inclusive Cultures

  • Leadership Brand

  • Communication

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Negotiation and Influence

  • Organizational Strategy & Culture

Popular Training Programs we have delivered include:

Change Your World by Changing Your Words

The most successful people create their own future through effective communication, by using words to own success, demand recognition for achievements and to project confidence. However, decades of research show that women have a greater challenge than men when it comes to communicating with confidence. This session takes gender differences in communication into account and focuses on tools to increase communication agility and effectiveness.

Do You Know Who I Am?

Branding isn’t just for large companies like Apple and Coca-Cola these days. Building your personal brand is how others will know who you are and how they will remember you. Developing and building your personal brand is an important part of deciding how you want to be known in your workplace, industry and life. This session helps you focus on the four important steps to build your unique brand and what actions to take to ensure that you are communicating your brand effectively.

90 Days to Make a Powerful First Impression

Leadership transitions into new roles or projects are an expected part of your career. In fact, transitions are the moments where the opportunity to learn the risk of failure are the greatest. How you manage the first 90 days of a transition has a disproportionately great impact on your long-term success. This session introduces tools to accelerate time to solid performance and reduce risk of failure.

The Office Diplomat

Research shows that women overwhelmingly dislike office politics. If you want to get the things done that need to be done at your organization, you must throw out the negative undertones of the word “politician.” Think of another, less pejorative word: Like Diplomat, or…oh yeah…leader. Whether you call it office politics or leadership, the name of the game is influence. In this session, we will discuss how to build influence skills and learn four steps that will enable you to reframe office politics into office diplomacy so you can be effective in your role.

Building Inclusive Cultures

This session focuses on highlighting barriers preventing gender diversity at the top and how managers can build trust that is needed to unleash the power of diversity. Building inclusive cultures and diverse team requires more than respecting and valuing differences – it requires trust. Trust creates an environment with psychological safety, where each individual feels uninhibited and can show his/her authentic leading to greater engagement, performance, and innovation.