Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

CEOs consistently identify “having the talent I need to drive my business” as one of their top imperatives.

By 2030, the global talent shortage could reach 85.2 million  people— costing companies trillions of dollars in lost economic opportunity (McLaren 2018). To ensure sustainable organizational success, it is imperative to include attract, develop, and retain diverse talent resulting in robust leadership pipelines. To achieve business goals, you need all the best leaders at the helm.

We work with organizations to diversify their talent pipelines and leadership teams through The LEVERAGE DIVERSITY METHODOLOGY™, talent consulting, and custom women’s leadership development programs.

Talent & Diversity Graphic
Increasing diversity at the top is not Easy. 
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Popular D&I Solutions we have offered include:

Business Challenge: Develop robust diverse pipelines of talent to look like customer, offer diverse thoughts and perspectives to be a market leader, to ensure diversity at the leadership levels.

Solution: Created a customized program that operated like an extension to in-house  programs. The development program options range from 6-9 months and they are hi po manager and senior leader focused. Modules in the 8-month long program integrate 1:1 coaching, small group coaching, and workshops.

Business Challenge: B2B, no longer looking as much like their customer as they need to/would like to; wanted  to attract and retain more female talent and build awareness among management of challenges women face on their road to leadership

Solution: Administered Gender Parity Spotlight (GPS) survey; ran workshops in person for top 100 to share results and begin identifying action steps leaders could dive into; shared results via webinar for others in region and explored unconscious gender bias and how to build a trusting environment to overcome barriers and bias.

Business Challenge: Losing too many middle managers; need to retain them; affecting projects and putting stress on junior and senior leadership; losing too much diversity at this level after much effort put into diverse hiring

Solution: ​Close collaboration with Leadership to identify key behaviors, opportunities, rewards, experiences that helped them make it through the tough middle management years. Developed an interactive learning map that we facilitate for high talent, diverse employee base. It’s an experiential means of fostering retention.

Business Challenge: Raise awareness among managers at all levels as to their role in creating a team and work environment that enables men and women to contribute at  their best.

Solution: Interactive workshop discussing challenges and actions managers can take to  address/reduce those challenges

Business Challenge: Increased diversity in the organization

Solution: Developed and delivered a series of 3 workshops around the topics of Limiting Beliefs, Unconscious Bias,  and Effective Selection and Promotion