Leader & Team Coaching

Recent events have shown us that leaders and teams are facing greater uncertainty, volatility, and complexity than ever before.  Coaching enables leaders and teams to make it through these difficult times and achieve extraordinary results.

Our coaches are all experienced leaders with 15+ years of experience and credentialed in coaching by the global gold standards. We have coached from the boardroom to the front line.  Each engagement is customized to the individual or team’s need.  We are certified and use a wide variety of assessments to support the coaching experience.  Post coaching evaluations report from 15% – 50% improvements as rated by clients and colleagues in their focus areas.   We deliver in multiple languages and have coached in both the private and public sector.

Words from our clients 

“Sapna brings a unique blend of business acumen, psychology, empathy, and global awareness to our coaching relationship. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly and looks at the entire picture to connect the dots. Her insights and guidance have helped optimize my personal and professional goals and potential.”

Laureen, Sr. Mgr. Consulting


“Bob coached me through a promotion and transition into an executive level role while helping me navigate a company-wide restructuring.”

Ben, SRD Brands – Retail Sector

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