Leader & Team Coaching

We coach a diverse group of talented professionals to achieve their goals and find professional fulfillment. By building on strengths, finding fresh perspectives, and improving interpersonal effectiveness, our clients improve their professional confidence and success. Our coaches have all been senior leaders in organizations and maintain the highest standard of coaching credentialing. Our solutions focus on individual leaders and team coaching.

Popular Coaching Solutions we offer include:

Individual Leader: High Impact Development Coaching

Our most popular solution. We begin the process by providing the leaders with insight through the collection of 360 input or by leveraging other assessments such as the Hogan or WorkPlace Big 5.  We then partner with the leader to define development priorities and a coaching plan. A typical engagement last between 6 and 9 months and include biweekly in person or video based coaching sessions, a mid-point manager check in, and a re-measurement at the end to clarify what impact and change has taken place.

Individual Leader: Transition Coaching

Whether a leader is moving internally or coming in from the outside the leaders actions and behaviors in the first 100 days disproportionately impact the time it takes to get to “solid performance” as well as long term success.  Over the years we have developed a robust coaching solution and toolkit that provides the leader with the situational and personal insight to develop and deploy their 100 day plan.   The process enables them to quickly align with their new manager, directs and teams to maximize impact, minimize transitions missteps and reduce the time it takes the leader to reach their stride.

Team: Jump Starting High Performance

This solution broadens the coaching experience to include the leader and the team.  A the leader’s individual coaching session is supplemented with team sessions to engage the full creativity of the team and unlock high performance.  The establishes targets and identifies the necessary behavrios and metrics to achieve their performance goals.  Through individual and team sessions the group learns the the processes of check in, celebration and realignment.

Team: Functional Strategy and Priority Setting

This team workshop focuses on bring teams together in understanding their deep purpose (Why), defining the behaviors and outcomes to focus on (How) and aligning the services, priorities and roadmaps for deployment (What).