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Manage HR Magazine ranks Leverage HR as one of top 20 Diversity and Inclusion companies

May 26, 2022

Manage HR Magazine interviews Sapna Welsh, Bob Welsh and Kim Andrade on how Leverage HR has delivered positive impact for clients leading to this award.

Columbus Business First recognizes Sapna Welsh at 2022 Diversity in Business Awards

May 13, 2022

Sapna Welsh, partner at Leverage HR, was awarded Outstanding Diversity Champion at the 2022 Columbus Business First Diversity in Business ceremony.

Sapna Welsh and Uma Devireddy co-facilitate a TEDx Salon event with panel of South Asian leaders in honor of Asia Pacific Heritage Month

April 25, 2022

This impressive panel of South Asian C-level leaders discuss how they leveraged their culture and values to be impactful leaders, how they have spoken up in the face of bias, and how they pay forward their success to create inclusive cultures.

Bob Welsh joins Diverse Networks panel discussion on Navigating Emotions and Maximizing Potential at CoverMyMeds event

Febuarary 22, 2022

Bob Welsh joins Diverse Networks founder Jordon Nishizaki and local leaders to discuss how young diverse talent can navigate emotions when facing adversity and maximize their potential to propel their careers.

Sapna Welsh and Caroline Kersten Featured on The Empowering Perspectives Podcast with Laura Sheehan

April 20, 2021

Laura Sheehan explores how to fill leadership pipelines with more talented women by accelerating their development through a powerful approach with authors Sapna Welsh and Caroline Kersten in her podcast.

Code Switch

This podcast tackles the subject of race head-on. This podcast makes ALL OF US part of the conversation — because we’re all part of the story.

Sapna Welsh and Kim Andrade Facilitate a Headspring / Financial Times Webinar Discussion on Retaining and Supporting Women in the Midst of COVID’s Impact

April 13, 2021

Studies suggest that the pandemic has set working women back by more than three decades so now is the time to increase dialogue and action. Leverage HR leaders will discuss What Women, Allies, and Organizations Can do to avoid losing talented women in leadership roles and unwinding years of painstaking progress toward gender equality.

Sapna Welsh and Caroline Kersten Weigh in on How to Deal with Subtle Sexism


Subtle sexism can appear in various, stealthy ways. How do you recognize it, and what should you do when this happens?

Sapna Welsh Featured on TEDx in Bonn, Germany “Leveraging the Power of Women”

Sapna Welsh and Caroline Kersten Discuss the Confidence Gap


The confidence gap still looms above us and it is powerful. It impacts our ability to own our successes, negotiate for our true value, and break the glass ceiling. Learn 3 tips to close the confidence gap.

Sapna Welsh and Shawn Garrett Featured in Ohio State University’s Leading Through Excellence Summit

March 30, 2018

Part of this talent war entails leveraging the greater diversity in the world today and removing barriers to advancement that exist, namely for the 75 million women in the U.S. civilian labor force. A recently published report from Columbus-based Leverage HR and Belgium-based social enterprise firm JUMP set out to explore the way these barriers exist and how we can break them down.

Sapna Welsh Highlighted on People to Know in Columbus Business First

November 23, 2017

Sapna Welsh discusses how implicit bias and a lack of solid processes typically leads to losing out on promising talent. Notably, “like attracts like” behaviors also play a role. Many executives and leaders will point out “high potentials” who often remind them of themselves in some way.

Sapna Welsh and Caroline Kersten Interviewed by ATD on How to Attract, Develop, Retain More Women in the Global Leadership Pipeline

September 29, 2015

ATD’s (Association for Talent Development) Senior Leaders & Executives Community of Practice spoke to partners at Leverage HR and authors of Worldly Women—The New Leadership Profile: How to Expatriate with Excellence. Based on years of HR experience and global research, the authors have been able to identify various challenges women face in climbing the corporate ladder and how to overcome those challenges.

Sapna Welsh Shares Research and Findings with SHRM (Society for HR Management) Readers on How to Leverage Female Talent to Increase Global Competitiveness

January 1. 2014

In our increasingly connected world, working and living abroad is becoming more common and takes on different forms. Unfortunately, women are highly underrepresented in these important roles. Let us take a closer look at the need for expatriation, the benefits awarded to organizations who deploy expatriates, and how to include women in this workforce.

Sapna Welsh and Caroline Kersten Interviewed in Training and Development Magazine Regarding How to Level the Playing Field

November 21, 2013

To better understand why the playing field is not level, it is important to understand the powerful effects of unconscious bias and stereotyping. Read more to understand what women, men, and organizations can do to level the playing field.