Women’s Leadership Development

Our women’s leadership development programs are designed for women who have been selected for a new role or just transitioned into a new role.

Barriers Assessment

After a lengthy research and development process in collaboration with a leading provider of talent assessment solutions, Leverage HR released a one of a kind assessment, which reveals the risk of a woman leaving the leadership pipeline. WBTA identifies job context barriers combined with perceived individual and organizational barriers to leadership positions. WBTA results in a traffic light report indicating risks level in the three categories and explanation. This report can be used for coaching and creating a 90 day plan to improve retention.

Development Programs

Fast Track Forward
‘Fast-Track Forward’ is our Early Career Program which prepares young talent for challenging assignments which create rapid learning and personal growth. These types of assignments position them to be recognized as an emerging leader. The aim is to get results while under stress, build confidence and credibility and collective collaboration with senior managers.

Transition to the Top
‘Transition to the Top’ is our Mid-Career Program for women who are moving into a senior management/leadership role. This is the most critical transition where many women fall out of the leadership pipeline. The aim is to operate effectively in a predominantly male environment and to build strategic alliances, credibility and visibility among senior executives.

Back in Business
‘Back in Business’ is our Late Career Program which re-engages women for leadership roles. It is designed for experienced and highly valued women, who decelerated their career for some time because of other priorities, but who are ready to get back on the leadership track. The aim is to bolster confidence, update understanding of current leadership approaches and to position non-linear experience as a valuable asset to the organization.

Expatriating with Excellence
‘Expatriating with Excellence’ is our International Career Program which prepares women for the challenges associated with working and living abroad. Expatriation is a very powerful, yet challenging development tool and serves as a fast track to develop women leaders. The aim is to facilitate a smooth transition and accelerate assimilation into the new environment, in order to achieve peak performance faster.

Core Content of Development Programs

All of our programs are 2-3 days long, augment existing development programs and are tailored to the specific challenges of each transition. They all have the following core content:

Transition essentials
Introduce concepts and exercises around career transition. Define personal values, strengths and weaknesses. Identify key stakeholders. Maintaining energy and focus.

Communication essentials
Learn how to effectively communicate with people from various backgrounds to get results. Understand gender differences in communication.

Getting results
Develop a 90 days action plan. Introduce exercises around making a powerful first impression; creating early wins to build confidence; building strong relationships through targeted networking; navigating the political landscape; and creating visibility.

Standard reporting includes a triangulated debrief between manager, HR and candidate on the preparedness of the candidate for career transition and set milestones to execute the 90 day action plan.