“In the annual U.S. NFL (National Football League) draft-pick, the team with the worst season record gets the first pick in order to improve their team standing. In corporate terms, let’s say the top “draft pick” happens to be a woman. However, she declines your offer because she wants to go to another team where she believes she will be played more and find the support she desires. Then your team can go further down the list of draft picks. However, the pick that selects to join your team may not be able to perform nearly as well as the first choice you just lost.”

A couple of amazing women I know just published an article on how to leverage meetings as a starting point to building a culture of inclusion. https://bit.ly/2lFIRjS By following the simple steps outlined in the article, your organization can posture to get the top draft-pick and that top talent will want to play for your team!

Adapted from Worldly Women – The New Leadership Profile