Change & Transformation

When you think about past few major changes in your organization and ask what went well and what didn’t, chances are what didn’t go well will include communications, on-going training and reinforcement.

That’s because 90% of of what needs to change,

…happens outside the systems, and

…happens outside the org chart, and

…happens beyond the launch.

For over 25 years we have partnered with organizations to ensure the technical side of change is mirrored by human side of change using the LEVERAGE CHANGE METHODOLOGY.

Change Management

Popular Change Solutions we have offered include:

Change Solutions for Strategy Launch

To support a logistics organization in the business transformation from a “holding company” to an “integrated brand” we partnered with the Board to identify, develop and deploy solutions to align employees with the strategy. These included developing new cultural attributes, integrating the attributes into performance and rewards, deploying a 2.5-day leadership development program for over 1000 leaders, and implementing a 1.5-day reorientation for all employees. The organization saw a 20% increase in active leadership and employee engagement scores, as well as, a 3X increase in share price.

Change Solution for Operational Improvement

To support warehouse level deployments of a new operations model (Labor Management Systems) we partnered with the Operations and Six Sigma teams of a Supply Chain company to deploy a “change in the box” program and certified HR trainers to deliver it. The solution included an integrated project plan linking the technical and people side of the project, tactics to involve employees in establishing new standards and processes, an 8-week communication plan leveraging two-way dialogue, a 1-day supervisor training program, and a people readiness scorecard. After successful deployments at over 50 warehouses, the solution was adopted globally and rolled out to over 250 sites. The organization achieved site level target performance levels in 50% less time while minimizing turnover and increasing employee engagement.

Change Solution for ERP Implementation

To support a Consumer Brand Goods company in end to end SAP deployments across five countries, we led the organizational change management effort. The solution included organizational and job design workshops, employee engagement and training solutions, and an organizational readiness scorecard reviewed monthly by the Board. All five “go lives” were delivered on time, budget and quality, and post implementation reinforcement solutions ensured that defined key business targets (e.g. untouched orders) were achieved in 25% less time than planned.