Developing women leaders

Our workshops are facilitated by experts in women’s leadership development and filled with practical exercises, group discussions, and reflection, resulting in a lasting effect. Our programs are customized to the client environment and we put a strong focus on women specific challenges.

Here are descriptions of some of our popular workshops:

Change Your World by Changing Your Words
The most successful men and women create their own future through effective communication, by using words to own success, demand recognition for achievements and to project confidence. However, decades of research show women have a greater challenge than men when it comes to communicating with confidence. Lack of confidence has a negative impact on first impressions, effectiveness in business meetings and ability to achieve career and business goals. This session addresses differences between men and women when it comes to communicating confidently and will increase your effectiveness in owning your success, demanding recognition for your achievements and projecting confidence.

Do You Know Who I Am?
Branding isn’t just for large companies like Apple and Coca-Cola these days.  Building your personal brand is how others will know who you are and how they will remember you.  Developing and building your personal brand is an important part of deciding how you want to be known in your workplace, industry and life.  This session helps you focus on the four important steps to build your unique brand and what actions to take to ensure that you are communicating your brand effectively.

Manage your Career to Manage your Success
You cannot throw a dart and call whatever it hits a bullseye. Intentional and strategic career planning will serve as your roadmap to achieve your professional goals. Including strategic partners on your career journey is another critical element to career planning. In this session you will learn about 8 factors that may contribute to you getting “stuck” in your career and practice techniques to help you get “unstuck” so you can get to your career destination.

The Office Diplomat
Research shows that women overwhelmingly dislike office politics. If you want to get the things done that need to be done at your organization, you have to throw out the negative undertones of the word “politician.” Think of another, less pejorative word: Like Diplomat, or–oh, yeah–leader. Whether you call it office politics or leadership, the name of the game is influence. In this session, we will discuss how to build influence skills and learn four steps that will enable you to reframe office politics into office diplomacy so you can be effective in your role.

Your Debut:  90 Days to Make a Powerful First Impression
Transitions into new roles or projects are an expected part of your career. In fact, transition is the moment where the opportunity to learn and the risk of failure are the greatest. How you manage the first 90 days of a transition has a disproportionately great impact on your long-term success. This session introduces tools to accelerate time to solid performance and reduce risk of failure.

Communicating Across Cultures
When communicating across cultures and diverse teams, what someone says it not always what you think it means. When a British colleague says she’ll bear your idea in mind, it appears pleasing. However, in reality, it means she may have already forgotten about it. Communicating effectively across cultures will increase your effectiveness, reduce misunderstandings and irritations resulting in improved communication and cooperation between people. In this session, you will learn your preferred style of communication, understand different styles of communication across cultures, understand how to adapt your style to theirs when appropriate, and learn pitfalls to avoid in diverse communication settings.

Cultural Connoisseur – Improve effectiveness among diverse teams
“We don’t see things as they are…we see things as we are.” –Anais Nin
In the global economy, success is dependent on getting results when working with diverse teams. Look around at people graduating from universities today. Look around at people on your work teams. Working internationally is not just about doing business on the other side of the world. It can be working with others in your own nation, that come from different backgrounds. In this session, you will learn how different cultures, values, and backgrounds influence the way people build teams, set goals, negotiate, network, and give feedback. You will practice these skills to get results.

For the Leadership Team: How to Keep Women in the Leadership Pipeline – The Whole Story.
We need more women? Why now? Why here? Why us?…How?
We can no longer afford to leave half our brains or half our resources on the sidelines. To use a sailing analogy, we need all hands on deck. More and more organizations recognize the benefits that women leaders bring to the table. Organizations are doing an increasingly good job in attracting women to join them. However, women are leaking out of leadership pipelines at an alarming rate. In this session, leaders will build muscle on why increasing the number of women leaders is a business imperative and how to address personal and organizational barriers preventing women from moving into senior roles.

For College Students: Pathfinding
As a college student, you’ve invested approximately four years and thousands of dollars/euros on your education. Where do you take it from here? If you want to begin your professional life with a meaningful direction and set a path for a fulfilling career, we offer a series of 6 master classes combined with professional coaching to cultivate skills strongly desired by employers. Under the expert guidance of different industry experts, you will explore how to leverage your strengths and interests and match them with your capabilities and degree to define your professional path.