About Us

Caroline and I met at our children’s school through a mutual friend. Caroline is from The Netherlands and I am from the Unites States. We hit it off immediately. We began talking about our professional backgrounds, international experiences, and needless to say our families. We talked about potential opportunities to continue to offer professional services from Germany and both of our shared passion around understanding the role of professional women in the international sector.

So we decided to take full advantage of our time in Germany to better understand women in the global workforce. Shedding light on the experience of women in international roles will help those who are considering careers in the global market to make informed choices. It will also help us and our colleagues to more effectively coach women who can pave the way for future generations of global workers.

Our credentials include graduate degrees in Labor and Human Resources (MLHR), Master of Laws (LL.M.), European Studies (M.A.), Professional of Human Resources (PHR) certification, licensure in Coaching, and recognition in local and national publications.

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