About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to increase the number of women leaders in sectors where they are typically underrepresented, through innovative approaches, such as fast-tracking women through international work and retaining women during critical professional transitions.

Our Philosophy
We are a values-driven organization. This means that we always:

  • collaborate with our clients to identify the appropriate solution
  • commit to deliver the highest quality services, on time and with a personal touch
  • bring our passion and expertise to deliver solutions that make impactful change

Meet Our Team
Leverage HR has a team of internationally experienced consultants and coaches, who are based in different parts of the world.

Sapna Welsh & Caroline Kersten
Firm partners
Sapna’s and Caroline’s background includes international work, HR and coaching licensure and offer services in English, Dutch, German and French. For the past twenty years, they have helped individuals improve their performance through professional coaching, training, performance management. They have worked in various sectors and supported organizations including KPMG, Coopers & Lybrand, Deloitte, JPMC, RaboBank and Nationwide.

Bastian Broer
Bastian Broer is an expert in cross-cultural training and team building and works with organizations to facilitate intercultural cooperation between work teams in Germany, US, Japan, China and Israel. Well versed in multiple cultures and languages, Bastian serves as an advisor to many global organizations to increase productivity and efficiency among cross-cultural teams. He also has a strong reputation in pre-departure expatriate training. He has worked for IFIM (Institute for Intercultural Management) and Fuji Bank, among others. Bastian is Leverage HR’s cross-cultural expert.

Maita Ereneta
Maita Ereneta was part of the Human Resources team of the United Nations Population Fund. She holds her Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She is part of a multi-cultural family and has enjoyed living in various countries over the years. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines with pursuant moves to the USA, Austria, Germany and now Lebanon. In addition to her professional experience, Maita is an active member of the international community and has organized numerous events and charities. Maita is Leverage HR’s coach and trainer in the Middle East.

Shawn Garrett
Shawn is a talent management and training professional, experienced in helping clients develop, engage, and retain the best people. She has extensive experience in managing, designing, and delivering innovative training to increase productivity. She is recognized for developing customized, affordable solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Shawn is highly skilled at coaching individuals to improve effectiveness by helping them assess their skills and abilities, explore development options, and create action plans to achieve their goals. Shawn one of Leverage HR’s coaches and trainers in the US.

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